Agricultural law, or ag law, as some call it, is essentially the same thing as farm law.  Essentially, these terms refer to various laws that affect modern agriculture on many levels.

Let’s Face it:  Most attorneys do not know the difference between a corn row and a fence row.  You’ll hear how they supposedly know farming because they grew up on a farm decades ago.  Or, they helped out on their grandparents’ farm.  Or better yet, because they once showed animals in 4-H.  Ask one simple question:  Is the attorney an active farmer Is the attorney an Ag Law or Farm Law attorney?   If the answer is “no”, you should ask yourself if you would better served having an active farmer as your attorney.  Likely, you will be better served having an attorney that is also a farmer, and who holds themselves out as an Ag Law and Farm Law attorney.

Agriculture is an ever-changing industry with many dynamics.  John Schwarz is a farmer himself, which means that he has first-hand experience and understands the problems that arise in agriculture.  John founded Schwarz Law Office which originated on an active farm  in rural LaGrange County, Indiana.  John focuses on agricultural law, farm law, and the legal needs of rural and small town residents. We are licensed in the states of Indiana and Michigan, and, depending on the legal matter, may be able to assist you no matter what state you are in.

At Schwarz Law Office, we have chosen to focus on helping farmers in Indiana and the surrounding areas ensure their business, their legacy, and their family are secured. Many lawyers claim to practice agricultural law, but most of them don’t know the first thing about the logistics of farm life and the importance of being able to have someone there to count on when the occasional legal issues arise. The farm won’t wait while lawyers give you the run around. Why waste time and money having to explain the basic farming aspects of your legal matter to an attorney?  As a fellow farmer, John Schwarz will know the farming aspects of your legal issue and will be able to give you legal counsel that you can trust.

Schwarz Law Office in Recent Media

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John Schwarz was interviewed by Hoosier Ag Today for an article entitled, “Your Farm is a Business, Make Sure You Set It Up Like One.”

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Recently John Schwarz was quoted in the South Dakota Searchlight on the issue of foreign farmland ownership.

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John Schwarz was interviewed by Hoosier Ag Today for his views on USDA wetland compliance and Swampbuster.

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Natalie Boocher was interviewed by Hoosier Ag Today on how to prevent losing your farm ground to the nursing home.

John Schwarz in the Field

John Schwarz understands the challenges facing farmers, including USDA wetland violations, boundary line disputes, grain contract disputes, and more, because he also farms. Listen in…


The number of viable farms in this country will be determined not by how successful the farming operations are in terms of yields, acres, prices, etc., but by how well current farmers plan to transfer their farming operations to the next generation. Learn more about Estate Planning.


Anytime a farmer engages in business that relies upon the actions of another party, a written contract should be created. Without a written contract, if a dispute arises, the case usually will erode into a “he said she said” setting. Learn more about Farm Contracts and Grain Contracts.


Many people aren’t aware that there is such as thing as an Agricultural Lawyer. We focus on Agribusiness, Ag Litigation, Probate & Trust Administration, and Farm Family Divorce issues. Learn more about agricultural legal issues.


The USDA and Farm Service Agency (FSA) administer numerous programs that are available to Indiana farmers. We have vast experience assisting our clients with issues pertaining to USDA/FSA programs and eligibility.


The legal problems faced by farmers and rural residents are our area of focus. Reach out to us to learn how we can assist you.

“I was assisting a client with a wetland compliance matter and out on a field inspection with the farmer and the Indiana State Compliance Specialist. The farmer told the Specialist that his attorney was John Schwarz. The Compliance specialist told the farmer, “Mr. Schwarz really knows his stuff, and “actually knows the rules and regulations better than the Farm Service Agency”. He told the farmer that if there was anyone that could find a way to get the farmer through the wetland violation, it was Mr. Schwarz.”

S.M., 30 year retiree of Farm Service Agency, assists farmers with USDA Program Compliance and Benefits

“Our farm was accused by the USDA of a wetland violation. In all, we were facing over 1.2 million dollars in penalties. We would have had to sell part of our farm to pay for the penalty. We hired Mr. Schwarz and he helped us take our matter to the National Appeals Division. We were successful, and Mr. Schwarz was able to get our penalties reduced to approximately $2400.00. Mr. Schwarz saved our farming operation.”

P. F, Inc., Wells County, Indiana

“Our farm was faced with a National Resource Conservation Service wetland violation that potentially had millions of dollars in penalties. John was able to resolve this issue for us without any penalties.”

B.W., Hannover, Michigan