As a farmer, John Schwarz knows how financially difficult farming can be. Although he was a young man in the 1980s, he remembers how difficult it was.  “My family had to sell some of its farm ground in the 1980s to make ends meet,” says John.  “It was painful, but we survived.”

Currently, farmers are again facing tough times. As an active farmer, John Schwarz knows this all too well. Low commodity prices, rising interest rates, and other factors are putting a strain on farmers. For some, the financial strain will become unbearable and necessitate a restructure of the farm.

A New Beginning

First and foremost, a farmer should not view a farm bankruptcy as an end. Rather, a farmer should look at it as a new beginning. Simply stated, a farm bankruptcy is generally the best means to start over and allow the farm to continue. There should be no shame or embarrassment in partaking in a farm bankruptcy.

Each year, thousands and thousands of businesses in the United States utilize bankruptcy law. Many times, it is no fault of the businesses, but rather the businesses are a victim of the changing economic winds. Farming is no different. As farmers, we are at the mercy of numerous forces outside of our control. When our farm faces financial difficulty, it does not mean we were bad managers or bad farmers. Rather, financial difficulty can arise just by the culmination of a few tough breaks.

As a farm bankruptcy attorney, John Schwarz will be there for you. He understands the deep emotional attachment you have to your farm. He understands your passion and love of farming. He will be your advocate and help you through difficult financial times. Above all, he will strive to help you start a new beginning.

When deciding to hire an attorney for a farm bankruptcy or restructure, choose an attorney who is also a farmer, understands farming, and knows exactly what you are going through. Let John Schwarz be your advocate and guide you through the process. Do not make the problem worse by hiring someone who does not know agriculture or simply quotes you the cheapest price.

“If you are seeking a farm bankruptcy or restructure, I would be honored to be your attorney and help you through the process. Few things are more rewarding to me than saving farms.”

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