Farm law is a very unique field of law practice. In recent years, it has become vital for those involved in the farm and agriculture industry to acquire proper legal protection. Many lawyers are unfamiliar with the needs and concerns of the typical farm and can overlook the unique situations that arise in the farming industry. John Schwarz is a farmer himself, which means that he has experienced first-hand and understands the problems that show themselves working in agriculture.

A recent survey concluded the number 1 reason farmers did not use attorneys was because they felt the attorney would not understand their operation. If you want an attorney that understands farming and really knows agriculture, here are some questions you can ask:

John Schwarz Other Attorneys
Was the attorney raised on a farm? Yes ?
Is the attorney a farmer? Yes ?
A member of the National Ag-Law Association? Yes ?
Trained through the International Farm Transition Network? Yes ?
Trial Experience with Farm/Ag cases? Yes ?
Does the attorney focus on farm and Ag law? Yes ?

It makes sense to use an attorney that is a farmer, knows farming, and will understand your operation.

At the Schwarz Law Office, we have chosen to focus on helping farmers in Indiana and the surrounding areas ensure their business, their legacy and their family are secured. Many lawyers claim to practice agricultural law, but most of them don’t know the first thing about the logistics of farm life and the importance of being able to have someone there to count on when the occasional legal issues arise. The farm won’t wait while lawyers give you the run around. We understand that even seemingly minor legal problems with the farm can weigh heavily on your family’s livelihood.

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Possibly the most important worry we see from any farmer is affordability. Because of our lack of overhead and focus on farm law, we have some of the lowest service rates of any lawyer in the area. Call (574) 643-9999 or email us today to schedule your initial consultation!

The family farm isn’t the only one that needs legal protection. When a farm prospers we all benefit. However, that extra growth can cause you extra problems. More contracts and more land brings with it more headaches and more fights with the county. Having us on your side means you can get back to what you do best and stop hassling with the problems and people that seem bent on making it an uphill battle.

No matter where you are located in Indiana or Michigan, our farm law office can assist you. We have clients throughout Indiana and Michigan; distance is not a factor. If you can’t make it to the office, we will come to you.

“When choosing an attorney, ask questions such as: Does the attorney know agriculture? Have they created farm estate plans? Do they focus on estate planning?”

John J. Schwarz, II


The number of viable farms in this country will be determined not by how successful the farming operations are in terms of yields, acres, prices, etc., but by how well current farmers plan to transfer their farming operations to the next generation. Learn more about Estate Planning.


Anytime a farmer engages in business that relies upon the actions of another party, a written contract should be created. Without a written contract, if a dispute arises, the case usually will erode into a “he said she said” setting. Learn more about Farm Contracts and Grain Contracts.


Many people aren’t aware that there is such as thing as an Agricultural Lawyer. We focus on Agribusiness, Ag Litigation, Probate & Trust Administration, and Farm Family Divorce issues. Learn more about agricultural legal issues.


The USDA and Farm Service Agency (FSA) administer numerous programs that are available to Indiana farmers. We have vast experience assisting our clients with issues pertaining to USDA/FSA programs and eligibility.