First, John J. Schwarz, II grew up on a farm.  In fact, John is a third-generation farmer and his family farms 4,000 acres in Northeast Indiana. He is actively involved in his family farm. You will not have to expend time and effort getting us to understand the basic farming nature of your legal needs as you likely will have to do with other attorneys.  John has a thorough understanding of present day farming practices, and firsthand knowledge of various legal aspects of farming just by the simple fact he has had encounters with such by way of his own farming operations.

Second, our office has a successful track record of assisting farmers with a wide range of legal issues.  These include, but are not limited to, appeals, ag-litigation, estate planning, succession planning, farm divorce, grain contracts, USDA/FSA issues, and so forth.  You can rest assured that when you seek assistance from our office with a legal matter, we most likely have handled a similar matter in the past.

“John Schwarz, II has a thorough understanding
of present day farming practices.”

“John wants to see farmers succeed and is committed to seeing the continuation of family farms.”


Third, we focus on agriculture.  Most of our clientele are farmers and rural residents.  John belongs to the Indiana Ag-Law Section, Michigan Ag-Law Section, National Ag-Law Association, as well as other agricultural law related associations and groups.  In fact, John J. Schwarz, II is the only attorney in Michigan and Indiana who has been trained through the International Farm Transition Network, which is an association that focuses on the transfer of family farms.  Simply stated, we obtain the yearly training and information so as to stay up to speed on current legal issues affecting farmers.

Fourth, we are passionate about agriculture.  John wants to see farmers succeed and are committed to seeing the continuation of family farms.

It just makes sense to choose our office to assist you. Some attorneys claim to know agriculture, but have never held an ear of corn in their life. Or, they will tell you that they “grew up on a farm”, which may have been decades ago, and will attempt to convince you because of life on the farm 40 years ago, they know farming in the present day era.  If you have a fellow farmer as an attorney, you can practically guarantee your attorney will know the ins and outs of your legal matter because they, like you, are actively farming.

Don’t put the fate of your farm or other legal matters in the hands of an attorney who claims to know farming.  Trust an attorney who, like you, is a farmer, and can assist you better due to our farming knowledge.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

“When choosing an attorney, ask questions such as: Does the attorney know agriculture? Have they created farm estate plans? Do they focus on estate planning?”

John J Schwarz, II


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